Red panda

    The red panda lives exclusively in bamboo forests of the Himalayas, which makes it very vulnerable to deforestation in these areas. This is the greatest threat to the survival of the entire species. Kolmården Foundation supports Red Panda Network, an organization who works to conserve both the bamboo forest as well as the red panda.

    Red panda network creates a safe biological corridor

    An important part of Red Panda Network’s strategy is to make sure the bamboo forest is protected from deforestation. Thereby the red pandas natural habitat can be secured. In eastern Nepal, in the so called Ilar-district, there is an important area which works as a biological corridor for the red pandas of Nepal and India. Unfortunately, as humans expand their living space the bio corridor shrinks, and the red pandas are hindered to move safely between Nepal and India. Red panda Network has bought nine hectares of land and will restore the forest and ensure a safe passage for the red pandas. Kolmården foundation supports this project and during 2020 a donation was made to contribute to planting trees in this important bio corridor.

    Red panda Network works with local forest guards

    Saving wild animals and their habitats is often a case of giving the locals a chance to live a life which does not have a negative impact on the surrounding nature.

    Red panda Network hires representatives from the local communities as Forest Guardians.

    Forest Guardians monitors the population of red pandas and protect the forest along with educating the community. The education is focused on how to protect the forest- as a favor to both the red panda and their own community. Part of the support from the Kolmården Foundation goes to sponsoring the employment of female forest rangers.

    Red panda Network helps the locals to protect the forest- by providing better stoves

    Red panda Network has also provided the locals with more efficient stoves which reduce both the use of firewood and indoor smoke and helps improve the people’s health. Thereby the stoves have a positive effect on both humans and forests in which the red pandas live.