Food and drink

    How many restaurants are there in the park? On any given day, you’ll find 3–10 restaurants open, offering a variety of menus. There are also numerous refreshment and ice cream stands.

    Do you cater for special dietary requirements, such as gluten or lactose free? Almost all our restaurants cater for special dietary requirements. We also offer multiple vegetarian options. If you have a special dietary requirement, please tell the staff when you order and they will help you.

    Tickets and payments

    What age limits do you apply?

    Visitors aged 3–12 purchase a children’s ticket. Visitors aged 13 and over purchase an adult ticket. Retirees pay full adult price. Admission is free for children aged 0–2, but their visit must be booked in advance as well.

    How do I pre-book a visit to the park using my Annual Pass?

    All bookings with an annual pass must be made online via My Account. Instructions on how to pre-book using an annual pass can be found here.

    Can I cancel my ticket or change my booking?

    You can cancel or change your booking up to 2 days before arrival. Note that you can only change your booking to another date within the same admission price range. This must be done while you are logged in to My Account.

    For bookings cancelled later than 2 days before your visit and before 9:00 am on the arrival day, a cancellation fee of SEK 295 per order will be charged. A booking cancelled after 9:00 am on the arrival day, the total order will be charged and no refund issued.

    To cancel a ticket that has already been paid for, you must fill out a contact form which you can find here.

    Read more about our terms and conditions here.

    I have tickets to enter the park at a specific time. Can I arrive earlier or later?

    The reason we issue entrance tickets for a specific time is to minimize lines at the entrances. You can’t use your ticket earlier but up to an hour after your scheduled time.

    Where can I buy admission tickets?

    Admission tickets can only be purchased here on our website. The tickets are delivered directly to My Account, via sms and via email. The most environmentally friendly option is to display your ticket on your mobile phone upon arrival.

    Do you accept payment in cash?

    Kolmården and Vildmarkshotellet are completely cashless. This is for your and our employees safety. In other words, you cannot pay with cash.

    Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

    You can pay by card at all our checkouts, shops, games and restaurants. We also accept contactless payment.

    Can I pay by Swish?

    You can pay by Swish when you order food from our restaurants via our app or website. At other checkouts, only card payment is accepted.

    Can I buy a gift voucher?

    Gift vouchers can be ordered via our webshop or purchased from the park’s Guest Service and shops.

    Wild Card annual pass

    How do I book a visit to the park using my Wild Card?

    You can easily do this via My Account.

    How do I register for my free parking?

    Free parking is included in the Wild Card passes for visitors aged 13 and over. You can register your parking via My Account.

    How can I update my personal details or picture on my Wild Card?

    Contact us stating your Wild Card number, your PIN and the information you want to update. Since your Wild Card is personal, it’s ownership cannot be changed.

    How do I register my Wild Card?

    If you’ve upgraded an existing pass, you don’t need to enter the details again.

    Digital annual passes must be registered via My Account.

    New annual passes must be registered at Please note that you will be required to register your photo, date of birth, name, address, email and phone number.

    What does the Wild Card (annual pass) include?

    Your Wild Card includes:

    -Admission to Kolmården all opening days during

    -Unlimited access to all Kolmården rides during operational hours

    -Exciting animal displays and shows

    -Free parking for one car

    -Great offers from Vildmarkshotellet and Kolmården. Find information about accurate offers here.

    Admission to the park must be pre-booked. Free parking applicable for one vehicle per annual pass holders aged 13 and over.

    What age limits apply to different tickets and passes?

    Visitor aged 3 and over needs ticket/annual pass for children aged 3–12 to enter the park. Visitors aged 13 and over need adult ticket/annual pass (for 13 years and over) to enter the park. Admission is free for children aged 0–2, but their visit must also be pre-booked. Retirees pay the same admission as adults.

    What to do if I lose my physical Wild Card?

    If your Wild Card/annual pass is registered with a Swedish personal identity number, you can buy a replacement pass for SEK 150 at the park’s Guest Service the next time you visit. If your Wild Card/pass is not registered with a Swedish personal identity number, unfortunately we cannot help you.

    What period is Wild Card valid for?

    Admission is included for all opening days during the year, subject to space availability. Please note that all visits must be pre-booked via My Account.


    Can I bring a pet into to Kolmården?

    Pets are not allowed inside the park. Kolmården strongly advise against leaving pets in cars unsupervised. This is for the safety of your pet. We suggest that you leave your pet at home.

    Is smoking allowed in the park?

    Out of respect for other guests, we aim to keep the park free from smoking. Guests who smoke; pls use our dedicated smoking areas at various locations in the park. The smoking areas are marked out on our maps.

    Is barbecuing allowed in the park?

    It is forbidden to barbecue or light fires in the park.

    Is it ok to be barefoot or with a bare torso on your rides?

    For safety reasons, you must be fully clothed and wear shoes on all rides in the park.

    Can babies ride the Safari gondola?

    Yes, babies are welcome on the Safari gondola. However, prams and strollers must be left in the stroller parking area during the ride. Each gondola has room for 8 people, and all guests counts - regardless of their age.

    How long can I stay in the park on the day of my visit?

    After the park closes for the day, guests have 30 minutes to proceed to the exits.


    How much does parking cost and how do I pay? At the main parking lot next to the main entrance, you easily pay your parking fee after visiting the park.

    Kolmården recommends the following payment methods:

    • At the website after leaving the car park at the end of your visit.

    You have 72 hours to pay the fee, and no extra service charge is added.

    • By card using the pay machines at the parking lot after your visit. No extra service charge is added.

    More payment options at the main parking lot:

    • The Apcoa Flow app, zone code: 6495
    • The EasyPark app, zone code: 649501

    Did you know you can download the parking app and register an account before visiting the park? This makes it quick and easy to pay upon arrival.

    At the parking lot called ‘Apans parkering’, you can pay your parking fee before entering the park.

    Kolmården recommends:

    • Pay by card at one of our pay machines at parking lot before entering the park.

    No extra service charge is added.

    More payment options at the car park ‘Apans parkering’:

    • the Apcoa Flow app, zone code: 64950
    • the EasyPark app, zone code: 649500

    Remember to pay the parking fee before visiting the park when you use the ‘Apans parkering’ parking lot.

    Did you know you can download the parking app and register an account before visiting the park? This makes it quick and easy to pay when you arrive.

    My account

    Where is My Account where I can find my tickets, enter my registration number, manage my annual pass, etc.?

    Log in to My Account here. Enter the email address you used when you made your purchase or registered your Annual Pass.

    Safety and security

    Do you provide any contact wristbands for children to use?

    Yes, we have contact wristbands for children. You’ll find them on the right-hand side just inside the main entrance of the park. Write your contact details on the wristband so we can help contacting you if your child gets lost in the park.

    Is there a medical team in the park?

    Yes. You can always contact our medical staff for advice or assistance with basic wound dressing. The medical team is based at the Kulmården playground, but they work all over the park during the day. If you need to contact the medical team, please turn to your closest staff member or call our switchboard on +46 10-708 7500 for assistance.

    Is there a defibrillator at Kolmården?

    Yes, we have defibrillators in the following locations:

    Main Entrance Hyllan restaurant Kolosseum Cola Store With the medical staff Vildmarkshotellet’s reception Vildmarkshotellet’s pool area

    Facilities and services

    Are there baby changing tables and accessible restrooms at the park?

    There are baby changing tables in all areas except at Kolosseum. There are accessible restrooms in all areas. Find out more about how our park is accessible for guests with disabilities here.

    Where can I find the daily programme for the park?

    An daily programme can be found under the Calendar tab. Among other information, it indicates the timings of our shows and animal displays. The daily programme is also available in our app Kolmården idag which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

    Can I buy rain clothes and umbrellas at the park?

    Rain ponchos and umbrellas are sold at all our shops in the park.

    Are there strollers and child carts available to rent?

    Just inside the main entrance you’ll find child carts and strollers to rent for the day.

    Are there lockers for storing personal belongings?

    Yes. There are storage lockers inside the park’s main entrance.

    Do you have phone charging facilities?

    Yes. There are phone chargers at Marine World, subject to availability. There is no cost for using the phone chargers.

    Is there a nursing room?

    Yes. There are nursing rooms in Bamses Värld (World of Bamse) and Barnens Lantgård (Kids’ Farm).

    Can I buy over-the-counter meds at the park?

    Yes. Guest Service and the Vildmarkshotellet’s reception sell a small range of over-the-counter meds such as painkillers, as well as personal care products such as sanitary towels, tampons, nappies and plasters for blisters.

    Distances and transportation

    How long are the distances within the park?

    Kolmården is a large, open area. The terrain is hilly and there are fairly long distances between rides, animals and activities. The main trail around the park is roughly 3 km long.

    Is it permitted to use personal transportation vehicles, such as bicycles, in the park?

    For safety reasons it is not permitted to use personal transportation vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, rollerblades or kickboards inside the park.

    Can I drive a car in the park if I have a disability?

    Driving is not allowed inside the park. This is for the safety and comfort of all our visitors, staff and animals. Guests with disabilities are welcome to bring a personal attendant/assistant to the park if needed; free of charge. Contact Guest Service at the main park entrance, they are happy to help.

    Do you have wheelchairs for guests to borrow?

    Yes. Kolmården has a limited number of wheelchairs that our guests can borrow. The wheelchairs can be picked up from Guest Service outside the main entrance, and cannot be reserved in advance.

    Are strollers permitted everywhere in the park?

    For safety reasons (e.g. to avoid obstructing fire evacuation routes), strollers must be left outside during the Dolphinarium. There is a covered stroller parking area just outside. Strollers should also be left aside during other shows and performances, so as many guests as possible can enjoy the show. There is also a covered stroller parking area next to the Safari gondola for leaving prams and strollers. If the stroller has a detachable carry cot, you can bring that onto the Safari gondola, into the Dolphinarium and other shows and displays.