Enjoy one of Scandinavia’s most exciting experiences!

    Nestled in the beautiful countryside south of Stockholm, is Kolmården Wildlife Park. Covering 1.5 square kilometers and home to countless animal species, thrilling rides and magical shows. Kolmården is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries.

    In the Dolphin Performance HOPE dolphins leap from the water into the hearts of the audience. Or board the unique Safari gondola to quietly glide close above lions and giraffes.

    Come face to face with big cats in Tiger World, and watch enthralled as raptors swoop overhead in the Birds of Prey Performance Wings.

    Kolmården is also home to plenty of thrilling rides, such as Wildfire - the greatest wooden rollercoaster in the world! You can also meet Bamse – the world’s strongest bear – and his friends in a magical world of their own.

    There are plenty of accommodation options nearby. Newly renovated Vildmarkshotellet offers fabulous sea views around the corner from the theme park. But if you really want to experience the wild animals close up, the Safari Camp tent village is the place to stay.

    Your admission fee covers all our attractions, shows and experiences. Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful theme parks!

    Thrilling rides


    Turn your world upside down at 115 kph! Wildfire has been named the best wooden roller coaster in the world and the best in Europe in all categories. Do you dare to ride it?

    A ride on Wildfire is a nerve-tingling adrenaline kick. You’ll be thrown downhill at a stomach-churning 83 degree angle, and you’ll be suspended upside down several times. You’ll hurtle at a dizzying speed of 115 kph and be pinned to the back of your seat by four G-forces! What’s more, you’ll experience total weightlessness no less than twelve times. All in all, Wildfire is an unforgettable experience! Do you dare to ride it?

    Best in Europe In 2018, Wildfire was named the best roller coaster in Europe and the third best in the world.

    Highest in Europe Towering 142 metres above sea level, Wildfire is the highest wooden roller coaster in Europe and the second highest in the world.

    Fastest in Europe With a maximum speed of 115 kph, Wildfire is Europe’s fastest wooden roller coaster! It also delivers the second largest number of inversions in the world.

    The Safari gondola

    Check out animals from above in our unique gondolas!

    Experience our world unique Safari ride, a cableway like no other wildlife park can offer. Scan the landscape for lions, girafes and other fascinating animals on your exciting gondola ride. Each gondola has room for up to 8 people. On this ride, you are the guests visiting the wild animals on their own terms.

    Pre-book your gondola – skip the lines Pre-book a gondola for up to 8 people (including children) to skip the lines to the Safari ride. Choose your departure time and start your adventure without waiting.

    Price per gondola (up to 8 people): 249 SEK

    For safety reasons, a maximum of 8 people are allowed in each gondola (regardless of age). The Safari ride is located inside the park, and therefor also require season pass or park admission ticket. For cancellation terms, see our purchase terms and conditions.

    The gondolas on the cableway are equipped with speakers providing commentary in English, Finnish and Swedish.

    And many more

    Marine World and the World of Bamse include lots of fun rides for kids and adults alike. Two thrilling roller coasters, two rocking ships and cars on rails, to name a few. The youngest visitors will enjoy Bamse’s honeypot merry-go-round.

    Breathtaking animal displays

    The Dolphin Show HOPE

    Join us on a journey across the earth, from the seas and the vast glaciers to the savannas and the highest mountain peaks. This is a unique show with a strong message that will make you feel joy, hope and commitment to our planet's wildlife. Remember to buy your ticket to the show on our swedish site.

    The Birds of Prey Show Wings

    The Birds of Prey Show Wings is an enthralling, spine-tingling performance featuring free-flying birds. You’re a guest of the birds, so sit tight and watch while a falcon, an owl or another raptor swoops by overhead.

    Numerous other animal displays

    All around the park the animal keepers put on displays where they present the animals, demonstrate how they feed and train the animals and look after their surroundings. Learn more about the great animal characters who live here, get up close and personal to the fascinating animals and learn how the park works. Featured species include tigers, bears, meerkats, desert animals, animals of South America and many more.

    Only in swedish!

    Please note that all our exclusive guided tours are only in Swedish.

    Bamses Värld

    The World of Bamse – the world’s strongest bear and a beloved children's character - comes to life here at Kolmården. Experience the sights and sounds of this magical world with over 20,000 square metres of rides, play areas, parkland, shops and food courts.