Tickets to the park

    Get your admission tickets, annual passes and pre-book exclusive animal encounters here!

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    Season pass

    Wild Card 2024 - Adult

    Entrance and free rides throughout 2024! For those who are 13 years of age or older.

    1990 SEK

    Wild Card 2024 - Child

    Entrance and free rides throughout 2024! For children 3-12 years.

    1490 SEK



    Entrance to the park and free rides to Sagojul 2023!

    Animal tours

    Guided tour - Tiger

    Meet the world's largest feline - the mighty tiger!

    349 SEK

    Exclusive guided tour - Lion

    Meet Kolmårdens lion pack

    349 SEK

    Guided tour - Dolphin

    Follow behind the scenes at the dolphines

    699 SEK

    Guided tour - Capybara

    Come along and meet our capybaras together with an animal keeper!

    299 SEK

    Guided tour - Meerkat

    A nice special guided tour with our curious meerkats

    299 SEK

    Guided tour - Giraffe

    A close encounter with the Safari Park's giraffes on the savannah!

    349 SEK


    Skip the line and book your time slot to see the wild animals from the cable car.

    Price / gondola (max 8 people)

    Seat resarvation to – A day at the Dolphinarium

    A unique performance with a strong message that evokes joy, hope and commitment.

    50 SEK

    Gift cards

    Gift card

    Give away a perfect gift

    250 - 5000 SEK


    Buy one of the children's favorites as a cozy soft toy! Sent directly to your home


    Ta med din egen Bamse på äventyr

    179 SEK

    Lille Skutt

    179 SEK


    179 SEK

    Janson the Cat

    Get your own Jansson the cat for adventure

    179 SEK

    Farmor - Bamse

    Soft farmor

    179 SEK

    Brummelisa - Bamse

    Soft Brummelisa

    179 SEK


    Soft Zebra

    199 SEK


    Soft Lion

    199 SEK


    Soft giraffe

    199 SEK

    Gorilla baby

    Soft gorilla

    199 SEK

    Tiger baby

    Soft tiger baby

    199 SEK


    Soft asian elephant

    199 SEK


    Soft Meerkat

    199 SEK

    Snow leopard baby

    Soft snow leopard baby

    199 SEK


    Soft lynx

    199 SEK


    Soft otter

    199 SEK


    Soft harrisvråk

    199 SEK


    Soft Rhino

    199 SEK