Check out animals from above in our unique gondolas! Experience our world unique Safari ride, a cableway like no other wildlife park can offer. Scan the landscape for lions, girafes and other fascinating animals on your exciting gondola ride. Each gondola has room for up to 8 people. On this ride, you are the guests visiting the wild animals on their own terms.

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    In the Safari cable car, you float almost weightlessly in a gondola above the ground. The only thing that can be heard is the wind in the treetops. Below, the savanna spreads out. You slowly slide down towards the ground and can smell the sun-warmed earth. Something growls in the shadows of the forest edge! A lion? A bear? You go on with pricked ears.

    In Safari there are African, as well as Nordic and Asian animals. This is the only place on Kolmården where you can find, among other things, lions, giraffes, bison and moose. Welcome!

    The track's gondolas are equipped with loudspeakers that provide guidance in English, Finnish and Swedish.

    Adventure awaits 🐘

    This is included in your admission ticket:

    -Entrance on your chosen day to the zoo and Bamse's World during Sagojul 🎅
    -A magical experience in a winter world filled with Christmas adventures! ⛄
    -The dolphin show "A day at the dolphinarium"🐬