Grevy’s zebra

    The Grevy´s zebra is the largest of the zebra species, and also the most endangered one. The organization Marwell Wildlife work to save this zebra species from extinction, and Kolmården Foundation supports their work in Kenya.

    In the 1970s there were around 14000 Grevy´s zebras in the world. Today there are only around 3000 individuals left. They mainly live in the northern Kenya with a few isolated populations in Ethiopia. Grevy´s zebras are threatened by increased human presence and are negatively affected when they are forced to compete with domestic animals for food and water. They are also targeted by poachers.

    Marwell wildlife studies the zebras and recruit scouts

    Kolmården Foundation has supported Marwell Wildlife since 2011. With the help from cameras and locally employed scouts who follow the animals, Marwell Wildlife can document important information about the zebras including behaviors, migration routes, important grazing areas and water resources. The information can be used to direct fast actions, for example feeding zebras during extreme dry periods, but also making long term plans where to build roads and infrastructure. The cameras help identify individual zebras, which is a step towards a complete register over Grevy´s zebras in all of Kenya.

    Extensive education aimed to both children and adults conducted in order to raise awareness and help save the Grevy´s zebras.

    Kolmården veterinarian working in the field

    Kolmården veterinarian Louise Guevara has visited Kenya and Marwell Wildlife to help sedate, collar and perform health checks on zebras in the field.