Bush dog

    The bush dog is a shy creature which is rarely seen by humans. Because of this it is hard to count the remaining individuals, but there are possibly as few as 15 000 left in the wild.

    The Bush dog is considered to be near threatened, and the decreasing in numbers is mainly caused by human impact on the habitats in which it lives. Bush dogs can also kill livestock and is because of that hunted by humans, both legally and illegally. However, in most countries it is illegal to kill Bush dogs.

    Support for landowners

    Kolmården Foundation supports the Bush Dog Project: Proyecto Zorro Pitoco (PZP) who encourages and supports local landowners to create forest corridors between important areas in Argentina. The corridor is protected from deforestation which helps the threatened Bush dog to live more freely. Apart from this, the projects Corridor Interaction Program Team will carry out over 50 educational programs in the next three years. These programs will take place in nine regions over 400 000 hectares of forest corridor to enable long-term attitude changes among local landowners.