Cross river-gorilla

    The critically endangered Cross river gorilla lives in Nigeria. It is threatened by loss of habitat, poaching and war, as are many other species of gorilla. But with the help from forest guards, also known as Eco-guards, two important areas for the Cross river gorillas are protected. Kolmården Foundation is funding this important work.

    The endangered gorilla can be found in Afi Mountain and Mbe Mountains in Nigeria. The areas are patrolled by Eco-guards which monitor the gorilla population and prevent poaching.

    Eco-guards educate and inform

    Even though it is illegal to hunt gorillas, it is an important source of income in the areas where the Cross river gorilla lives. Therefor, Eco-guards educate locals in alternative ways to provide an income, for example via beekeeping.

    It is also important to inform local communities about the gorillas. The importance of conservation work is taught in schools both via radio and film.

    The area is also home to the endangered Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee which is also protected by the project.

    Kolmården Foundation funds the work of the Eco-guards

    Kolmården Foundation contributes to salaries, field equipment for eco-guards along with education and information activities in the area. Kolmården Foundation have also previously provided motor bikes to the eco-guards, an efficient way of preventing poaching and protecting the Cross river gorilla.