Dama gazelle

    Today, the species dama gazelle is critically endangered and there are only around 100-200 adult individuals left in the wild.

    The population is decreasing due to poaching as well as loss of habitat when people take over areas in which they lives. The subspecies Mhorr gazelle is considered to be extinct in the wild.

    Zoos, organisations and governments have spent many years working on protecting the Mhorr gazelle through strict breeding programs and reintroducing individuals to the wild.

    Cameras help monitor the animals activity

    Kolmården Foundation supports a project with the focus to provide information to the Moroccan government with the aim to monitor and protect reintroduced Mhorr gazelles in three Moroccan reserves. 30 cameras are placed in each reserve and help monitor activity, body condition, behavior, reproduction, and threats from predators.