Great herds of Turkmenistan Kulan wandered the grasslands of central Kazakhstan up until the 1930s, when they vanished due to poaching. Today, the threatened Asian wild ass only exists in a few places in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the southern parts of Kazakhstan.

    Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative

    In 2006 the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative was founded, with the goal to restore wildlife in the steppes of central Kazakhstan. Several conservation organizations along with several governments work together to move Kulans from protected areas in the south to the central parts of Kazakhstan.

    The project also focuses on reestablishing populations of Przewalski’s horse and Saiga- antelope.

    Moved by helicopter to a reintroduction center

    Kolmården Foundation supports a project where Kulans are moved by helicopter from the Altyn Emel reserve in the south, to a reintroduction center on the Taiga steppe in central Kazakhstan, a journey of 1300 km. When the Kulans have gotten used to their new environment, a GPS-transmitter is attached to the animals, and they are released into a protected area. The area is monitored by park rangers and with information from the GPS-transmitters, the rangers follow the Kulans to learn more about them.