The mighty lion lives on the African savanna. However, the King of the savanna is threatened. The numbers of lions are decreasing, and they have vanished from 80% of the areas they once roamed.

    100 years ago, there were around 200 000 lions in Africa. Today, the exact number is unknown but there might be as few as 30 000 left. A big problem for lions is that today they are scattered around vast areas, and it might be hard for individuals to establish prides and mate. There are lions in 28 countries, but most of the countries have less than 1000 lions each.

    The habitats are decreasing in size

    A big threat to lions is the fact that their habitats are decreasing and both lions and their prey animals are hunted by humans. Lions are sometimes shot when they attack cattle or humans.

    Monitoring and documentation of West African lions

    Kolmården Foundation funds a project which monitor and document west African lions, with the aim to protect and strengthen the population in Nikolo-Koba National Park in Senegal.