Military Macaw

    The military macaw is yet another species threatened by deforestation. Another reason as to why the numbers are decreasing is illegal animal trading where the macaws are captured and sold as pets.

    Researchers have monitored the presence of the military macaw in the Zicuirán-Infiernillo Biosphere reserve and are working to increase the awareness of threats to the macaw and people living in the area. In addition, the Nuevo Centro region has been recognized as a very important area for this threatened bird.

    New research will increase the knowledge of the military macaw

    In a new research project the number of military macaws in the Nuevo Centro region will be counted during different times of the year. Identification of individuals will be carried out by studying photos of the plumage around the eyes. In parallel, the variation of food supplies and food preferences will be investigated over the same period. Other important factors, such as water sources and breeding grounds will also be mapped.

    The information will help with conservation actions

    By gathering this information about the military macaw, targeted actions can be taken to increase the number of macaws in the reserve. For example the goal is to reintroduce important forest plants and avoid human activities which can disturb the birds, in areas which are important to the macaws.

    Since this important project started, Kolmården Foundation has contributed with economic funding.