Reticulated giraffe

    The Reticulated Giraffe is listed as vulnerable and is decreasing in numbers, and no longer exist in areas in Africa where they used to be common. They are primarily threatened by human expansion and poaching. During the past 15 years the numbers of Reticulated Giraffes have strongly decreased and today there are approximately 8000 individuals left in the wild.

    Educating children and teachers

    There is a great need to both develop and promote educational programs to increase knowledge among locals for the benefit of the Reticulated Giraffes. Kolmården Foundation funds a project branching from a collaboration between San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDWA) and Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). The project is directed towards conservation education regarding Meru national park in Kenya with the aim to engage both younger school children and teachers from different schools.

    Through this, school children along with their teachers learn about Reticulated Giraffes and the most important threats which Kenya and the world are facing today, including climate change and loss of habitats.