Bamse’s boat, the Viktoria, is moored in the lake in Bamses Värld (World of Bamse). Step aboard for a breathtaking voyage on the rolling waves.

    In the story “Bamse och sjörövarna” (‘Bamse and the Pirates’), Bamse and his friends have to build a boat. This is because the Wolf has stolen Granny’s treasure map and given it to the pirates. Yhe only way to get it back is by sailing to sea.

    Bamse, Skalman and Lille Skutt get together and build a boat designed by Skalman. Bamse gives it his mother’s name; Viktoria. When the boat is ready, Bamse - the world’s strongest bear - lifts it up with one hand and carries it to the ocean.

    Today, the boat is moored in Bamses Värld (World of Bamse). When the passengers climb aboard and a storm breaks, the boat is tossed around by the waves – not only back and forth but also sideways and spinning around. Welcome to an exciting voyage at the stormy seas!