Conservation work at Kolmården

    In a world with pollution, war and climate change, many species are threatened by extinction. This makes conservation work in zoos more important than ever. At Kolmården Wildlife Park, many animals are involved in long term conservation programs with the goal to save the species from becoming extinct.

    Kolmården Wildlife Park is part of 34 conservation programs focusing on endangered species within the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria EAZA. Animals kept in zoos around Europe can serve as a backup if their wild conspecifics where to become extinct or if the situation were to worsen for these species. At Kolmården we also work hard to protect the animals’ natural environments, primarily through Kolmården Foundation.

    What is Kolmården Foundation?

    Kolmården Foundation is a foundation which support conservational projects around the world.

    For example, the foundation has through the years raised and donated over 1,8 million SEK to save the tigers in east Asia. 2,3 million SEK have been donated in favor of the black rhinoceros in Kenya and a extensive marine nature reserve has also been established in the Baltic Sea to protect the breeding grounds of the harbour porpoise.

    Kolmården Foundation funds 16 conservational projects focusing on different endangered species around the world along with their natural habitats. The conservation work at Kolmården is made possible thanks to our guests and donations from other organizations. Thank you, your contribution makes a difference!

    Kolmården Foundation board

    The board consists of: Anders Eslander, Christine Karmfalk, Christer Fogelmarck, Jan-Ingvar Jönsson, Emil Colldin, Thomas Lind, John Rosberg.


    Insamlingsstiftelsen Kolmården Foundation
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